What if you organised your wedding in Chantilly?

A wedding in Chantilly sets the perfect scene for a wedding celebration that we hope will be like a real fairy tale. Its castle, its forest, its racecourse, but also its rustic atmosphere are suitable to offer the future spouses an exceptional haven to seal their union while offering exceptional festivities to the guests.

Here we tell you why a Chantilly wedding is the right thing for you:

Chantilly, a romantic, royal and rustic town

 The setting offered by the town of Chantilly is in many ways the perfect place to have a modern wedding, yet with a touch of tradition. It is a choice of venue that promises to bring elegance and refinement to your celebrations.

The romantic setting of Chantilly is bound to anchor intense moments in the memory of the future couple, both during their stay and when they come to pronounce their vows.

They can feel like a royal couple getting married in front of their impressed guests.

Chantilly exudes happiness and takes couples down the path of nobility and royalty. It is not surprising that many celebrities have chosen the town for their wedding celebrations.

In addition to this, the destination is also very practical, being only forty minutes from Paris and not far from other equally charming towns that are just waiting to be visited by newlyweds who want to make their stay more enjoyable.

Chantilly, home of the Mercury Chantilly resort

 A wedding in Chantilly can become even more exceptional when you choose an idyllic setting like the one offered by the Mercury Chantilly resort.

The establishment has all the assets to guarantee the atmosphere and success of your weddings and adds cachet to your choice of town. Indeed, the Mercury Chantilly welcomes you on an 80-hectare estate, close to the castle, and has been designed to create different atmospheres in order to satisfy all expectations.

Its infrastructures also promise to be both practical and suitable for the organisation of an exceptional wedding. Think of its refined lounges open to nature, its heated swimming pool, its children's areas, its glass roof...

The bride and groom and their guests will have unforgettable memories of this Chantilly wedding, organised in an exceptional town, but also in an establishment that has managed to magnify its setting to the point that it is one with the very identity of Chantilly, a royal and romantic town.