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The cheese bell

At l'Epicerie, over 1m80 high!

Discover the Cloche à fromages "A l'Epicerie" from Chantilly, a Guinness Book 1989 award-winning creation by René Tourrettea cheese-maker from Alsace who is a member of the Collège Culinaire de France! This unusually large cheese cloche holds up to 100 varieties of cheese selected from the best producers and farmers in France, Italy and Switzerland. Thanks to exclusive French technology, the cheeses reach exceptional maturity.

Throughout the year, we offer a variety of tastings:

  • cheese platters, à la carte cheese dishes or tasty Jura raclettes,
  • Morbien PDO, Vacherin Mont d'or PDO, served with pickles, charcuterie and rattes du Touquet.

Our A l'Epicerie " Chantilly team, and our Master Cheesemaker in particular, will be delighted to advise you on how to combine the aromas of our cheeses with flavours such as Provence fig jam or rosemary from our partner craftsman.

Our cheeses and raclettes

"A l'Epicerie" Chantilly, delicious food to share

Are your cheeks turning pink and your fingers freezing in the winter weather?

Need a warm place to comfort yourself?

You're dreaming of a hot, delicious meal. Do you prefer Raclette or Fondue Savoyarde?Look no further, our Cheese Cloche is packed with recipes and Maison Tourrette products to satisfy all your tastes.

Let your palate salivate at our melted cheeses accompanied by crispy onions or exquisite jams.Let us take care of everything and avoid the smell of cold cheese in your "sweet home" tomorrow morning!Check out our new restaurant menu and Raclette & Fondue offers, and follow us on social media to find out about our themed evenings.



Cocktails, buffets, finger food menus, pièce montée...

Are you looking to organise a private or business event and would like to use one of our "A l'Epicerie" spaces for a lunch, dinner, cheese night or other original event?

We've got everything you need! Our Atypio and Hotel sales teams are ready to help you organise the perfect culinary event. We offer a wide choice of dishes, including cocktails, buffets, finger buffets and cheese platters. You can also opt for for an animation.
We offer a selection of seasonal products, as well as a variety of cheeses matured in our Cheese Cloche, for easy tasting enjoyment for all palates. You can choose between a two- or three-course meal, a gala dinner, or even an all-cheese meal !
Don't hesitate to contact our Atypio or Hotel sales teams to find out more about our delicious banqueting offers. Please note that the number minimum number of people is 30.